Blog Of The Month.

Hey y'all. If you've noticed, there's a 125x125 image with a blog link up in the top right corner of this site. What it is, is I'm going to start picking a blog I want to display a link for that blog owner. Going to leave it up there for a month. Only going to cost you $300 a month to place link on my site. LOL!! HEY start breathing already, I'm just kidding. It won't cost you anything. LOL!
But I have just stuck one of mine for now because this month is about half over. Just wanted to be sure I have it installed right before I really start placing links up there. I'll replace the blog link the first day of every month.

One of you will be next!


  • LadyBanana said....

    Nice idea Chilly! :)

  • Margaret said....

    Great idea Chilly! Of course I'm hoping I get to be one of the lucky recipients of a month of free advertising on your site, but whomever you choose I'm sure will be grateful.


  • Metallman said....

    Cool. Not a bad idea. Will you be choosing one randomly?

  • chilly said....

    Hey guys! Great to see you stop by. :-)

    Sure everyone will be posted up there at some point. ;)

    Yes, it will be randomly. But I'm thinking I'll just grab one each month. Haven't even thought about who the first one will be yet next month.

  • Kim said....

    hi Chilly
    your blog of the month is a great idea...
    I might consider borrowing it for my blog ;)
    cheers Kim aka "the borrower"

  • chilly said....

    Hi Kim!
    Thanks and do feel free to grab it and use it. :-)

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