Taking the day off from blogs.

Yep, I won't be around tomorrow, friends. I'll be working at the election polls tomorrow. So I won't get to drop on any of you because I have to get up at 5:00am in the morning so I won't be waiting until midnight tonight to drop and it will be nearly midnight before I get back home tomorrow night. God, I hate politics with a passion! LOL!

But I have to be there before polls open to get ready for incoming people to vote, then stay until closing. Then we have to clean and pack voting stations up and wait for someone to come pick them up. Makes a long day for sure. ;)


  • Sue said....

    The whole day away from your blog?
    Holy Crap!
    How will you do it?

  • Mrs. Mecomber said....

    I worked polls for a few years. Mmm, fun. Try to avoid the heated debates, eh? ;) ;)

    We'll miss ya, hurry up and blog soon!

  • Margaret said....

    So ok now -- yesterday is over and it's the next day. Polls closed at 7, so you should have gotten a good night's sleep unless you went out partying with the big pol winners....


  • chilly said....

    Hey Ladies!

    Sue, It is hard to go all day without internet. Sometimes I feel like I need pluged in to my life (internet) line. LOL

    No heated debates from me, Mrs.Mecomber. LOL
    I hate that politics stuff and they can do what they want there. I just show up and get paid. ;)

    Not that kind of partying for me, Margarent. LOL
    Yes it closed at 7:00. But they have this funny rule that no one can leave until all is totaled up, packed up and the truck picks up the voting machines. Was nearly 10:00 when wife and I got our tired butts home. But did sleep good because I think we pasted out when hitting the bed. ;)

  • JoyntHeir said....

    Wow. I work at a computer job 8 hours a day, and hit the laptop as soon as I get in at night. Between surfing the net for good blogs, blogging, and socializing - I feel like I am on the computer 24/7. Take a day off - you deserve it.

  • maline said....

    Hi! thanks for the visit on my blog. You're the second one to tell me about being redirected to my cpanel when they click my icon via EC. I don't know why this happens, but will work it out soon. Again, thanks!

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